Mount Escape 1 – Trap and Roll


One of the simplest and most effective escapes from the mount position. The trap and roll works at all levels and can be taught to a base level of proficiency very quickly.If you like this material please subscribe to our channel, follow us on Twitter @ Valhalla Academy, check out our website at, and find us on Facebook (…)Contact me if you are interested in seminars.


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Nice work on showing the variations. This is a very broad technique – the
principle is to just trap the arm so that he can’t catch himself. That
works whether there’s strikes, chokes, locks, knives, guns, sticks, head
butts, elbows, anything involved in this situation – it doesn’t matter.


thanks again Dr.Jones, i work so much, i dont have have time to train much
and these videos help alot freak n love jiujitsu!!!

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