Frequently Asked Questions

Do you claim to own these videos?

Nope. We are an indexing site like Google. The videos on our site have all been added by us, or by users like yourself. We do not own them or claim to own them.

Who profits from the videos?

We do not profit from embedded videos. YouTube pays royalties to video owners based on view count. Since YouTube counts ALL views – regardless if the video is view on a 3rd party site that has embedded the video (like us) – any and all views created on DRUB will be counted within YouTube and the owners will be paid the view royalties.

What is the purpose of DRUB?

The first thing you’ll notice about DRUB, is that there’s no advertising. Yes, we have a banner, but we tend to use this space to advertise our own interests (i.e., it’s not stuff we’re going to get paid to advertise). So at the moment, we’re very much doing this for the love of the community and our desire to help other progress.

We do have plans – which we’re currently working on – to make DRUB something more; but for now, it’s just our hobby.

Will you charge for Drub later?

The goal of DRUB is to provide a service that is free for all users. That being said, eventually – much further down the road – we do hope to develop some additional services that will be subscription based. The cost of the subscription will be very reasonable (probably less than 10USD). But again, the fundamental services of DRUB will always be free – and free of ads.

We are often asked if we plan on charging for our video filter use. No, do don’t ever plan on charging for that; especially since we don’t own those videos.