Turtle Guard Break: Beginner Women's MMA Wrestling Technique


Learn Beginners Wrestling moves from University World Gold and Silver medalists, Sara and Katherine, Fulp-Allen Wrestling. The Fulp-Allen sisters teach us a technique on how to break the Turtle Guard. View all our Beginner Women's Wrestling videos and learn more wrestling moves, and techniques on our channel www.Youtube.com/StreetMMAgear.Follow us on Facebook.com/StreetMMAgear.Instructors: Sarah and Katherine Fulp-AllenContact: Info@SelfDefined.comLocation: http://FunctionalCoreFitness.com/Bio: Sarah and Katherine Fulp-Allen are University World Gold and Silver medalists. Both trained and competed out of Menlo College Wrestling team in Menlo Park. Fulp-Allan are currently residents at the US Olympic Training Center, training hard to achieve their dreams of becoming Olympic Champions,and promote the sport of women's wrestling. To learn more go to http://www.FulpAllenWrestling.com.Clothing: http://www.StreetMMAgear.comFilmmaker: Raymundo Archila


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