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Learn how to use kicks from Team Radical MMA head coach Rene Dreifuss in this Howcast MMA video.

Okay, uh, we're here with Chad again, we're gonna, we're gonna go through some basic kicks that you can use, uh, for MMA, okay. I like to show a lot of kicks off with the lead side, which keeps you safe as far as, uh, take downs and, and counters. So again, righty against righty, you have your first basic kick, which is the inside leg kick, okay. The outside leg kick sometimes gets you in trouble, especially against a wrestler, he's gonna grab that leg and then he's gonna shoo it in, and take you down. Inside leg kick leaves me a little safer cause I can always come back to my stance and I'm not as off balance. So again you have the inside leg kick, okay, so that's your first basic kick. Another good kick that people um, a lot of people that I don't think they use enough, are the push kicks, okay, or the teeps, okay, using, using the push kicks to keep your opponent away. I'm gonna aim for the body, okay, I could also aim for the hip, and obviously I can aim toward the head, okay, with the push kicks. Alright, push kicks to be body, push kicks to the hips, or push kicks to the face. And, another lead leg kick that you can work is the switch kick to the body. You can switch kick to the body and attack the arm, or if that arm is up, and the rib cage is exposed you can attack the rib cage. Making sure that my head is always safe, keeping my head away. Um, last basic kick, again off of the lead side, is attacking the back leg. A lot of people like to attack the front leg with the outside or the inside leg kick people will sometime neglect that back leg. So what you're going to do to attack the back leg you gonna shuffle out a little, take a little step, and drive your shin toward that back leg. Again, I shuffle out, hands stay up high, and I use my shin to attack the thigh. But I always come back to my stance, ready for a take-down or ready for a counter. So again, I'll flow through them, inside leg kick, push kick, switch kick to the body, or step out and attack the leg. Okay, so those are your basic kicks, attacking head, body, or leg.


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Push kicks = Red Kangaroo kicks. Very good at keeping opponent afar.
But Round house and drop kick to take them down. Wrestling are for GaYS. 

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6 years 11 months ago

The push kick should be used flat footed against the chest. When someone
rushes in you could hurt your foot if its not flat. Spinning back kick is
the most effective if taught correctly. In a defense situation with someone
that uses no foot movement what so ever. A spinning back to the
stomach/chest or even head would put them on their ass. But then again if
you’re taught correctly to really put your hips into it with force that
kick seems best, defense wise. If you havent had any experience or been
taught anything the front kick is best to keep distance. 

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i did a push kick to a guys chest once winded him straight up could speak
or breath

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