How to throw a knockout punch – Landing the Inside Right hand – Coach Firas Zahabi


When throwing the right hand you are typically throwing a power punch. When are committing to thrown the right hand with power you are also shifting you bodyweight forward which can leave you vulnerable if you don’t know how to mitigate those risks. Proper head movement, good footwork and knowing where to go are key to connecting a knockout punch without getting countered in the process.

Knowing how to throw a power punch without getting countered is the key to finding a knockout. Since post punches statistically don’t “connect” it’s important to make sure we can throw power punches as often as possible without getting countered. The more often you can throw power punches without getting counter the more chances you have of connecting and scoring a knockout.

Knockouts are also a question of precision. In this video I use the Allstrike to teach my boxer to find the chin and avoid hitting any other target on the head. Being precise with you strike is key. Notice in this video that all knockout shown result from a punch landing directly on the chin.

For those looking to pick up an Allstrike see the link below


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