Wrestling for MMA instructional with JJ Ambrose: Quarter Nelson defence @ Tiger Muay Thai


http://www.tigermuaythai.comhttp://www.mmaphuket.comhttp://www.islandmuaythai.comhttp://magicalray.com Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand presents our new youtube instructional series with Affliction fighter/TUFF contestant JJ Ambrose. JJ Ambrose is the head Wrestling coach at Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp and this series is designed to help our audience develop their wrestling for mma abilities. ENJOY


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I do not recommend buying private training from JJ Ambrose. As a person he
is arrogant and a douschbag, but even worse he is a scammer. I bought 10
privates from him and he made me have my PRIVATE training sessions together
with his classes. Third time he did exactly same thing I refused and we got
into an argument. I contacted reception and complained and they gave me
money back for the privates that I had left but not used. I dont think
owner got to know about this tho.

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