Matt Baker, Extended Guillotine From Back Escape: Jiu-Jitsu Magazine, Issue #29.


Jean Jacques Machado is a well known name in the jiu-jitsu community that is extremely respected. If you’ve ever come across one of his top students at the black belt level, you know just how well versed they are in all facets of the game. Matt Baker is one of those students. As a second-degree black belt, Matt has won the No-Gi Worlds, both the Gi and No-Gi American Nationals, the US Open, various NAGA titles, as well as Grapplers Quest, and a North American Championship. Blending the old with the new school, Matt always stays up to date and it shows in his newly released DVD “The Jiu Jitsu Lab Series Two – 30 Ways To Take The Back” that can be found at Lucky for us Matt was kind enough to show us 7 deadly ways to do so. Enjoy! If you’re interested in attending classes or finding out more about Matt, check out You can also follow him on Facebook at, as well as follow him on Twitter @mattbakerbjj.

In this video Matt demonstrates a guillotine choke when your opponent begins to escape your back control. Assisting Matt is his brown belt student, Dale.

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