JiuJitsu Magazine #7 – Mastering The Mount: Ezekiel from Mount


Mastering the Mount with Alexandre "Xande" RibeiroVery few competitors in modern day jiu-jitsu have left a mark as large as Xande Ribeiro. Of course, that's a statement that can be argued, but let's look at the facts: he's the winner of five Worlds championships and the winner of two ADCC championships. The 31year old Brazilian native began practicing jiu-jitsu at the young age of ten and has been a black belt for the last 10 years training under Royler Gracie and his legendary brother Saulo Ribeiro. Jiu-Jitsu runs through Xande's blood. For the last three years Xande has called San Diego home where, with his brother Saulo, he has instructed at their school, University of jiujitsu. But recently Xande made a move and went north to Los Angeles to open his own academy.(Read more in Issue 7 of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine)


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