Issue 15 JJM: Leg Guard Hook – Arm Bar


From Issue 15 of Jiu-Jitstu Magazine.The leg hook guard is something you've probably seen, but didn't quite know what to call it. It's a position that's been called the Russian guard by some, and adapted by others and used with lots of success. Dean Lister has used the leg hook successfully in the UFC, and in fact, used it to set up a triangle to submit Alessio Sakara at UFC 60. This guard is relatively easy to get, too and despite it looking a lot like rubber guard at first glance, it doesn't require the same flexibility for success. From the leg hook guard, a simple adjustment of your arms and you're into the Shawn Williams Guard, named after Renzo Gracie blackbelt Shawn Williams who's known for using that variation with great success. To help illustrate just a few of the finishes that can quickly be reached from both of these positions is blackbelt Joe Camacho. Joe's been practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu since 1995, is a former King of the Cage champion, and is an accomplished grappler.


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I believe the only difference comes down to the arm/hand positioning. The
Williams guard you place your arms between his head and your trapping leg,
using your forearm to create space. While the leg hook guard, I believe you
wrap your arms around his head.

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Leg Hook guard, Shawn Williams guard????? Is there any difference? Seems
like a pretty good guard for someone with short legs…..Nice technique

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