7 BJJ Side Control Escape And Guard Passing Counter Drills



Getting stuck in side control after a pass can be one of the worst spots ever. In this video I show 7 Side Control Escape and Guard Passing Counter Drills.

In my eyes, the best time to escape side control is before the person has completely solidified their position. Many times I see people stop fighting very early on in the scramble after a pass. This allows their opponent on top to get a tight side control.

Don’t let this happen.

Train yourself to continuously fight and have options from the bottom. In this side control escapes video I’ve tried to link up multiple techniques. They can work by themselves or with one another. In this video we build all the techniques off the initial frame from the bottom of side control. Most people who have drilled a side control escape know a basic frame. From there it links off to other movements and BJJ techniques.

Having chains of techniques is so important. Not just for submissions but also for guard passing as well as side control escapes (or any other escapes for that matter).

I hope the drills help and give you some ideas to play around with.

Like any other information out there, it’s useless unless it’s put to use. So if you like the movements and techniques, make sure you’re drilling them!

Enjoy the side control escape drills!








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