It’s odd how you’ll get an idea and you say, “We should build this, and it should do this, and it should look like this.” And then you attempt to build it and realize that it’s a lot more work than you originally thought – way more work, in fact. This is the case with our School Search feature. What began as a month long project, ended up taking nearly 5 months. We built spiders, collected data, came up with great functionality only to throw it out and start over again. It’s easy to say, “I have an idea.” but it’s a whole other thing to build it; I mean, something as simple as a button takes a lot of work: do you need a button? what happens when the button is clicked? Is the button a word, or an image?… it goes on – and that’s just for something as simple as a button. So after all these months, we present to you, our School Search.

Ok, don’t get weird on us because your school isn’t on there, or if your local Sears is showing up as a Krav Maga school or something. This thing isn’t finished yet. We still have to clean up the design, add in more functionality like we’ve done with our video feature (we’re going to add functionality that will enable users to modify the categorization and attributes of the schools, stuff like that), clean up the data, etc.

And for those of you who are saying to yourself, “I guess this is cool, but why?” Well, this search is only the gateway to our School Pages that we’re building. Soon, school owners will be able to claim their schools or create new ones. The schools will have loads and loads of features that we’re currently developing. It’s all in the works – trust me.

If you’re interested in having your school beta test the functionality we’re developing, please let us know in the comments below.

Stay tuned for more updates!