School Search – Coming Soon!


I know: it seems like nothing new ever happens around here. Well, things are happening; maybe not at lightening speed – but they’re happening!


In Process: School Search Page (Next few weeks)


We’re in the process of building our School feature. This is a big deal, and a lot of work – especially since we’ve never built anything quite like this before. To start, we decided that we needed to first gather all the information we could on all existing schools. While I can’t give you exact numbers, there are a lot - all over the world.

Now that we have gathered this data, we’re now in the process of building a School Search page (similar to our video search page). The purpose of this page, is to help users locate their existing school and to help find new schools (in the event a user is traveling, or moved, or whatever). Similar to our video search feature, users will be able to find schools sorted by keywords e.g., what they teach, do they have lockers, waiting room, early classes…what equipment do they have, what’s the rank of the instructor…etc.

If all goes to plan (which, hey, we’re all working on the side around here so don’t beat us up over the schedule), we should have this search feature page up and running within the next few weeks.


Ready for Coding: School Pages and User Profile (Next few months)


Once the School Search page is completed, we’ll begin coding the actual School page along with the User profile. Both of these pages will have a handful of features designed to help users interact with their school, and to document the user’s activities and gear. We know what we want to build and we know what it’s going to look like – we just need to finish up what’s in process, and code.


Design Stage: Drub Match (Fall 2016)


With the Drub Match feature, we have preliminary mockups finished, along with the features laid out. At this point, we just need to finalize the layout and code.


-Chad Calder