We had a few busy weeks in there and so as you might have noticed, it’s been pretty quite around here. But we’re back at now!

Currently Building:

Right now, we’re wrapping up the designs for the school feature. If you happened to see our Indiegogo campaign (look, it wasn’t successful – let’s not talk about it), then you’ll have an idea of what that entails. The thirty second explanation is that we’re building mini websites for schools to use; but everything will be interactive. So instead of a plain calendar, schools will have calendars that students will be able to see who’s attending, what’s scheduled to be taught, who’s teaching, RSVP for the class…stuff like that. We have a lot of ideas and we’re excited to see them work.

I should probably put out the offer here, that if you’re a school and you’d like to participate in some beta testing, please let us know

Still Planning:

We haven’t given up yet on our Drub Match feature (a system that matches up people for friendly sparing). Some of the features that we’ll be developing for the school feature will have ground work coding for when we do sit down to build the matching. But sadly, we’ll all have to wait a while before that one will be ready. As we only have so much time, we’ll be working on the Schools first, and then the Drub Match.

I think that’s it or now. I want to say Thank You to all of those you support us with your kind words of encouragement. It’s really nice to hear that what we’re doing has helped.

-Chad Calder