S-Mount Positioning and Attack – Rob Di Censo – Spider's Road to Health Outtake – Jits Magazine


Brought to you by: www.MKimonos.comwww.JitsTV.comAn outtake from Jits Magazine's mini-documentary, Spider's Road to Health, where Rob shows us a smooth transition from side-mount to s-mount with an immediate attack.


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“Be careful people get made over 19 year olds getting more myai tai points
then them so they bitch and complain about it all night whine wey wey wey
old men not inventors of time travel and bitch cause youth beat in myai tai
competiton. then they so cowwardly that they travel to point where i never
fight before. LoL You who angry put that shit together.”


Awsomee , i didnt know s mount existed until like 2 days ago it looks like
it gives you many options and i think its not that known to most people at
least in my bjj level haha so ill have fun getting free triangles or
armbars from there ! thanks !

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