Saulo Ribeiro FreeStyle Revolution Jiu-Jitsu – Submissions


On this amazing DVD, Saulo teaches the specialized submissions that are part of his powerful submission grappling game. Starting with the guillotine choke Saulo's favorite submission, you will learn ways to get this choke then you ever thought possible. Saulo's has created a number of ways to obtain this choke from a number of angles and positions that will catch the toughest opponents by surprise every time. This is the most advanced look at the guillotine ever! Saulo also teaches a number of really special armbars to finish the DVD off.For more information:…


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Saulo is so passionate about not missing any detail at all. I love it.


I didn’t even realize that was Xande until I read this comment.

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5 years 10 months ago

I wish I had good money to train with this man his instruction is amazing .
You think you know it all and he takes every basic move and makes it more
easy to use and ten times more effective then what you thought it was.

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