Rust Belt MMA: Bicep Slicer


Watch as Corey Norman of Rust Belt MMA walks you through the Bicep Slicer. "The reason why it so damn good… You hold on to it long enough, you give it enough pressure. You're going to cut that bicep clean off the bone and it's going to flap up like a venetian blind." KC's Fitness is a premier boxing and mixed material arts gym located in the Allentown district of Buffalo, NY.If you are interested in learning more about Rust Belt MMA or KC's Fitness please listen to Mark's Testimonial or check out: .Enjoy!Featuring: Corey Norman Produced By: Nathan PeraccinyCamera: Matt QuinnMotion Graphics By: Robert Dauphinais


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Is it possible from other positions? (sorry for bad English)


You aren’t going to cut through someone’s bicep. If you say that you can,
it only serves to weaken your reputation and degrade your technique.
Exaggeration is not a good habit and it’s totally unnecessary here.

You couldn’t even cut through a piece of raw, dead meat – so why peddle
bullshit alongside a great, useful technique? I don’t doubt it’s possible
on a person with a preexisting condition that somehow weakens the tissue,
but a normal healthy muscle is WAY tougher than you think it is,

I’m not trying to shit on you, so don’t sling shit back, eh?


lol I’m diggin the humor

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