Jiu-Jitsu Magazine #7 – Discovering the Twister: Mounting from Twister Side Control


Discovering the Twister with Eddie Bravo

About a year ago Chan Sung Jung (the Korean Zombie) pulled off the first twister submission in UFC history. The submission brought a lot of attention of Eddie Bravo and the Twister technique. Eddie will be the first one to tell you that the Twister is really just a Wrestler’s Guillotine Eddie learned back in high school wrestling. In fact, the name “Twister” was coined by Eddies jiujitsu instructor years ago, the legendary Jean Jacque Machado. What Eddie did with the Twister is something that no other BJJ practitioner has done, and that’s develop an entire system on getting to the Twister in jiujitsu and grappling competitions where taking an opponent’s back is no easy task like it is in wrestling. Almost five years ago Eddie wrote the book on the Twister called, “Mastering the Twister.” and he now has a DVD set to launch shortly that goes into great detail on this unique and unorthodox submission. In this article Eddie helps us discover the Twister, and more importantly, the “Truck” and all the options it opens up for jiujitsu and no-gi submission grappling.


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