BJJ Technique | Back Take from Reverse De La Riva Back | Inferno, Marlboro NJ


In this video Coach Steven Barnett demonstrates a nice transition from Reverse De La Riva to Back Mount. Below are instructions in how to perform the move:

* Right Leg RDLR Leg *

(1) Start in the Reverse De La Riva position with your right leg hooked on opponents right leg.
(2) Swim your right hand in front of your opponents right ankle, palm facing you.
(3) Rotate your body towards your opponent using your left arm to grab the inside part of opponents left leg.
(4) Swim your left leg to the inside of your opponents leg placing your ankle behind their knee cap.
(5) Bring your right leg to the inside, placing in the same position on the right leg.
(6) Pull down on your opponents hips.
(7) Extend your legs out at the same time, causing your opponent to loose their base.
(8) Now that you are to the opponents back, place your hooks and grab your seat belt grip.

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