Veritas choke


The choke is the love child of the peruvian necktie and gogo-platta……type…..thing. Anyways, it's effective if our opponent is sitting up


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I just saw this, thanks for the upload. 1. You have to lay sidwards or else
the guy escapes, and 2. It seems to me all that’s needed to counter it is
both arms on left arm to break that circle on the neck.


naaahhh.. than i need to start stretch out after training….


We were messing around with this in class yesterday and today, and found
that you can use your opponents defense of dropping to the side of the non
choking arm to help set it up, and to use a leg on his hip to push up and
out to create enough space to throw the other leg over, for those of us who
don’t have the hip flexibility you do. Thanks for the vid. It’s awesome and
it seem like we should see this in the UFC soon.

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