Side Mount Escape and armbar


Escaping side control with an armbar from the bottom.


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if the opponent pulls arm out, to me it seems like you can put the opponent
in a triangle choke, for example at 4:56 if you pause video, once your
opponent pulls out there arm grab other arm, put your left leg round there
right side of neck pull the trapped arm over to your left side, and wrap
your right leg over to do triangle choke. wonder if that will work ill need
to try it next time I practice. also great technique 


Mohammed,     I understand your thought process, and yes, it would definitely be a possibility. There is never a 100 percent correct answer, if it works, it works. The hard part will be pulling your right leg out to complete the triangle, as it will probably get trapped and make it easy for him to pass the guard again. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Shukran,Jason


Thanks for sharing. Great videos.

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