Double Under Pass Body Shuck


This is one of my favorite passes. It plays off of the double under stacking pass for when I cant get my hands connected (which is most of the time at the black belt level).

Hand placement on the belt is very important. Make sure to watch the video and reference where my grips are and how I tuck my elbows.

You will find the more that you do this pass the more your body angle plays an important roll in not only getting around the corner, but also avoiding having your thigh caught by your opponent’s foot.

How you end in this move is going to depend on what your opponent does. Don’t be afraid to use that grip on the belt to manhandle your opponent a little. Try to stay tight and ride their hips on the far side of their legs.

This move fits wonderfully with the Hang Clean Pass (which I will film next time around). But I almost always try this before popping to my feet to lift them.


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