Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reversal against Knee Ride Pass – with Armbar finish


This is a very nice reversal for when somebody executes a knee ride pass against your guard. Also sets up the armbar very nicely. Shown during the Advanced session of 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt William Vandry's quarterly in house seminar in Austin, TX. For more see our youtube channel or


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@joshgillespiewolf what about ufc guys in those tight lycra shorts? and as
the gracie masters themselves say, “if theres no gi its not bjj”


GSP used a similar pin and pass over Matt Serra and others. BJ Penn is very
successful as well. BJ also used a similar backdoor when he choked out Matt
Hughes. Dan Henderson used a nice back door move similar to this against
Fedor. He never used a backdoor move with similar techniques before…GSP,
BJ, Nick Diaz, Jose Aldo, Frank Edgar, Anderson Silva, Shogun, Cain
Velasquez, Lyoto Machida, Junior Dos Santos to name a few. What do they
have in common? All BJJ guys with great fundamentals.


@revolver3838 They don’t wear suits in UFC. If you can do these moves on
someone wearing nothing but shorts – you can do them on a person in any
type of clothing.

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