Banana Split Submission: 93 Guard Jiu Jitsu Techniques


Self Defined presents Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 93 Guard moves taught by James Wright. James teaches us a Jiu Jitsu submission from the 93 Guard position, Banana split. View all our 93 Guard videos and learn more Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques, escapes, moves, sweeps, and submissions on our channel: us on James WrightContact: Info@SelfDefined.comLocation: http://www.FunctionalCoreFitness.comBio: James Wright is a former Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor out AKA San Jose. James is a Purple belt under Dave Camarillo Guerilla JiuJitsu. James has continued his training out of Brazil 021.Clothing: http://www.StreetMMAgear.comFilmmaker: Raymundo Archila


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I’ve got a new favourite submission if this works for me during the week

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