7 BJJ Back Step Drills And Submissions



In this video I show 7 different techniques that you can use with the back step in BJJ. I start from the simplest of solo movements and show several quick submissions that can be taken from the position.

I really enjoy using the back step. It allows me to create a scramble preemptively. Whereas most of the time in BJJ when a scramble happens, it’s because both people are jockeying for position after someone failed. The back step however allows you to create a scramble that forces your opponent to react.

Over time, I’ve gotten many similar reactions which I show in this video.

I start all the back step movements from when I pop my knee forward as if to initiate the knee cut pass. From there the back step leaves several options.

I hope you like the techniques in the video. If you have any questions, let me know!



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