Igor Yakimov Russian Sambo Ultimate Armbars – Armbars from Mount


This Clip is from Igor Yakimov's Ultimate Armbars on Russian Sambo Instructional DVD. Igor Yakimov reveals on this DVD Video the most devastating arm submissions that can be obtained when you are mounted on your opponent. Igor covers the basics as well as the most advanced strategies possible. Learn elbow, shoulder and wrist locks from the mount when your opponent tries to escape your position. Learn to fake your opponent into believing that he is escaping only to ten, fighters can hide in the turtle position in many forms of grappling competition. This video opens up a whole new arsenal for you if your opponent does this. Igor Yakimov will show you how to attack the arms of those in this position and hit every possible combination of armbar imaginable. Even if your opponent lays on his stomach, Igor will show how to submit them with no problem. This is an excellent video if you grapple with judo players and wrestlers who love to use this position. Over 50 minutes of video instruction.For more information:http://www.groundfighter.com/Igor-Yak…


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