Earlier today, I was looking through some old mockups for this site and I noticed that we are quickly approaching our third year; of course, the conversations, ideas, content gathering, etc. all happened way before the first mockup was created. But for the sake of this post, we’ll just say that it’s been a while – but we’re still at it!

If it seems like this live site doesn’t get much updating, it’s because we’re spending so much of our time on our developer’s site (which is hidden for you folks). So I thought I would take a moment to update everyone on our progress. 

Completed: School Search Page and User Profile

The School Search page that is currently live here is only half finished – probably not even half finished. But it does give you an idea of what the completed version does look like. Our User Profile page, however, is very unique and full of cool features that we’ve developed. Nothing is ever 100% complete, but we’ve done as much as we’re going to do for now. 

In Process: School Page

One of the final steps of this project is the School Page. We’ve already developed about half of the modules that will appear on the page, and we’ve saved the biggest ones for last. We’re hoping with all of our hopes, that we’ll have it all done within the next 6 months (or so).

Thoughts On The Build:

It’s been interesting as we’ve slowly whittled our way through this site. Ideas that we thought were brilliant, have come and gone, being replaced by more brilliant (and more time consuming to code). We’ve had numerous people come in to help – stay awhile – and then leave us for bigger and better paying gigs (no budget – remember?). But through it all, I believe that we’re (slowly) creating something that people will really like, and want to use – which is exciting.

So feel free to stop by from time to time, and hopefully we’ll have something exciting to show soon!